Traffic Rules

April 24, 2013 1:57am CST
Well one of my classmate share an uploaded newspaper page with a picture of our schoolmate walking down the street while the traffic light is still red. Then she was really angered with that newspaper then she said "Even mothers are being disobeyed, what more the traffic lights." "I won't risk being late just because of that traffic light", she added. I really find it inappropriate for her to act that way for I myself really follows the traffic rules, though in rare cases I don't. What do you think?
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@RAJASB (109)
• India
24 Apr 13
Everyone should follow the rules. What's your education is all about if you do not even follow the traffic rules. How does it differentiate you with beast? Your recklenss and carelessness creates a great disturbance and at times it could lead to fatal accidents.
@dagami (1162)
• Rome, Italy
24 Apr 13
you say you follow the traffic rules most of the time. maybe this girl is like you, this was a rare case for her. as she said, she didn't want to risk getting late. sometimes i cross the street even if the light is red if i don't see any vehicle around. i've noticed that there lots of people do this too. however, when i'm driving i would NEVER attempt to cross if the light is still red. this could lead to serious accidents.
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• Philippines
25 Apr 13
How irresponsible she is, her attitude is not good and to think that she is a girl, i felt sorry for her, the way her parents raced her affect her attitude, i supposed she don't have a bright future unless she changed her ways. She needs guidance and some kind of she is a hard headed type of girl.