Can you describe how delicious you can really cook?

April 24, 2013 11:03am CST
As to my own opinion,I can not really describe how delicious I could really cook because I could just rely on the opinions of those who have already tasted my dishes and other preparations.The words of other people are most reliable information you could inquire to know if the person concern really has that ability to cook delicious foods.I can not tell others that I cook very well because I can not let them believe my own words but the stories of other people who knows and believe in my skills as a cook.
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@subhojit10 (7381)
• India
24 Apr 13
ha ha ha ,well i do not know how to turn the knob of a gas station so forget about cooking food items, i am only good at eating food. ha ha. In fact i have always appreciated the food cooked by my mother, she cooks with her heart and mind. Otherwise i always appreciate having non-vegan food.
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• Philippines
25 Apr 13
You can not really say the goodness of how tasty your dishes could be to the taste buds of your guest,as they are more believable when commenting about the abilities of your cooking styles.I have to ask them all if they like what I have prepared for their visit in my house.I like vegan dishes than cooking meat.I also prepare to cook fishes rather than preparing some chicken or other poultry cuisines.I rather cook a goat than cooking a beef dish.