Cursed Book: My Story: Strange Deaths

April 24, 2013 10:23pm CST
My niece the only girl, youngest among the 3 siblings, i was late after when she playing alone the courtyard, then suddenly a flocks of black birds came so many black birds, and birds perch on the electric cable wire in front of their house, and that birds was all staring to my niece, late at night when sudden my niece suffers a high fever, and without hesitation my sister which the mother of my niece brought my niece to the hospital on the big city. After a week my niece died, the doctor give their findings the time my niece died, the parents got angry with it, they staying in hospital for a week, but the doctor wasn't able to provide the findings earlier, they declare it the day my niece died, and the fact that the hospital is a private hospital and bill is big. And the day of interment the black birds are there, it seems they are waiting for my niece. This story was handed to me by my sister and the people who witness the black birds.
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