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rash - rosea
United States
April 24, 2013 11:33pm CST
A few week's ago i posted about the rash on my ribs and back.I went to urgent care and was told i have pityriasis rosea.I went to my actual doctor today because the rash got worse.The rash was almost gone then it suddenly reappeared again.The weird thing is i noticed it was back after i went jogging, i went to change my clothes and saw the rash along my rib's.During the night it spread to my neck, chest, down my stomach and shoulder's.My mom told me it looked like ringworm so i asked the doctor about that but the doctor insisted it wasnt.She said stress could be triggering the rash to spread.My doctor told me rosea usually goes away after a few week's and picked at it and is sending flake's away to be tested to be sure and i have to have a blood test done Friday while i'm waiting for that she told me to continue putting lotion on it but the cream doesn't seem to be helping me.I'm a little worried that it could be something more serious which is just making me more stressed.I know i need to go to dermatologist but right now i don't have any insurance because i was sharing with my parent's then they took me off to get medicaid who wouldn't approve me, i did reapply but i am waiting to see if i get approved.
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@subhojit10 (7382)
• India
25 Apr 13
Well i feel very bad for your condition and firstly even i used to have rashes on my back and probably u should wear cotton clothes while jogging otherwise it would affect your skin badly and create rashes. secondly do not waste a single second and visit a doctor as soon as possible, they can detect the reason behind the rashes easily. Hopefully u get well soon.
• United States
25 Apr 13
thanks i wish you the best too.