Sen.Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista love story

@tipay26 (873)
April 25, 2013 4:32am CST
It's all over the news,social media,talk shows etc.I have seen Heart's interview on youtube.I feel for her because it seems to me that her own parents are stepping in her way to happiness.I have been in her situation and I know exactly how it feels if you knew your parents doesn't approve of your boyfriend.Heart knew that her parents love her and that they should let her have her way because she is not a child anymore.All she needs is support and advice because that's what parents should do in the first place.Some of our parents think that we disobey them if we make decisions and without their consent well to me your parent can intervene if you are a minor and Heart was not a minor anymore.She earns her own money by working and that her parents should understand that every child they have has their own lives too.And it doesn't mean that if your child is building their own life away from their parents, they will forget everything about family ., no it's not that our parents will always be part of our lives no matter what.
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@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
25 Apr 13
I can understand Heart's parents and from where they're coming from. Honestly, Heart's choices in men isn't really very...something to be happy of. They might have been way too strict but I don't think they all need to drag this all to be splashed to the media for everyone to see and feast on. lThey're still a family. Heart will always be their daughter and they will always want whats best for her. And they will always be Heart's parents and she owe it to them. They may be wrong in being overprotective but Heart's actions will never make it any right. In then end, they're still a family. Nobody gets hurt in all these but they themselves.
• Portugal
25 Apr 13
i agree with you ^^ sometimes parents worry with their kids so much that forget that is their happiness on the line. its ok that they advise us if they dont like the guy we are dating. but i mean they cant stop us. i saw sometimes parents thinking that a guy was bad and in the end he was a really good guy. i think before parents stop their daughter from dating a guy they should know how he really acts like to her. if he is caring to her and loves her thats all that matters.
@nanayangel (7839)
• Philippines
25 Apr 13
Hi there Tipay 26! Yeah, I have seen one of Hear Evangelista's interviews and I must say that I feel sad for her. I think that she's already on the right age to make decisions for herself most specially when it comes to choosing a boyfriend. As a parent, I know that we will always want what's best for our kids. However, we just do not have any way of knowing when it comes to the matters of the hears. I mean, we can say that this man is no good but we will never understand what happens when they are together. There may be something that will cause them to be good for each other, and love is something that is too hard to understand especially when you are not the one who feels it. I think that they should give Heart and Chiz a chance. I am just not sure if Chiz's wedding with his previous wife is already annulled. If it is not, then their relationship would be totally wrong, though. But is it is already annulled, then I believe that they should be given a chance. The family should be there to support, give pieces of advice when asked, but never dictate.
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
25 Apr 13
I can see both parties hurting on this situation. True that Heart is old enough to decide on her own, but you could not take away the worry from the parents especially if they know something that might cause the destruction of their daughter.
25 Apr 13
Hi tipay26. Your also from the Philippines. That's nice. I also feel sorry/ bad for Heart's situation now. But I think that her parents always intervene with her relationship. This is just like what happened to Echo and Heart before. Heart's parents always get involved to it. But there's nothing you can do. Only Heart can solve this. If he want to be with Sen. Chiz, then she should disobey her parents. I know there will be a time that her parents can completely forgive her. There's a saying that parents can't endure being enemies or having bad feelings to their children.