overcome my fears

Portmore, Jamaica
April 25, 2013 12:03pm CST
There is a singing competion in my country (Jamaica) which I've always wanted to enter.. However am to shy to do so.. Everytime I think about all the talent that is in my coiuntry and how am not gonna get past the audition..I just want to knoiw what can I do to get over my fears and go through the audition.. Without breaking down.. I have a passin for singing.. And woulkd like to become famous singer one day..
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@Jyiou7 (84)
• Malaysia
25 Apr 13
FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Hey, I can understand that you are feeling very nervous and shy to join this competition with so many other people. First of all, don't let the shyness pull you down and cause to not do your best. This audition is for you to demonstrate your skills and talent. Since you said you have a passion for singing, that's your talent, don't waste it. This is your chance to show people that you are special and you have a beautiful voice. Be confident of yourself, there's nothing to hide. :) A little bit of fear is good, because it helps you to stay focused. But don't let it control you, if you feel the fear getting too strong, tell your fear "You will not stop me" and imagine yourself already becoming a famous singer. That's one way to control your fear and keep you motivated. A lot of famous singers are also very shy when they started, and they get very scared to sing on stage. But they believe that they can do it. You can do it too, you are not alone. This is your chance to show your talent to the world, grab this chance! :) Do update me about your progress, I would love to know more. Good luck and be strong! :)
• Portmore, Jamaica
25 Apr 13
Thank you so much for the encouragement I haven't felt this motivated for as long as I could remember... These words are exactly what I needed ...as I said ..ill just tell my fear that it will not stop me.. Am going to rehearse for the audition and ill definitely keep u posted
26 Apr 13
If you have talent, don't be shy to showcase it since God gave that potential to you and all you have to do to thank God for it is to develop it, to show it. Don't be afraid to show what God has given to you because if you are, you are also afraid to God. Moreover if you will not win on that competition, don't be sad instead try again because failure is a stoppage and success is a continuing process. Try again and again will bring you to the pinnacle of your dreams and that is to be a famous singer. Just believe in yourself and have Faith to the Great Architect who gave you the talent of singing. Whatever happens just always think positive.
@babyeve (1051)
• Seychelles
26 Apr 13
Start by acknowledging it. It's easy to ignore or deny our fears, even to ourselves, in a society that stresses the importance of being strong and brave. But courage can't come into play unless you have a fear to face down. By owning your feelings you've taken the first step toward gaining control over the situation. Consider direct confrontation. Sometimes confronting fears head-on is the best way to overcome them. This is particularly useful if there's a particular person or situation you're afraid of. Simply encountering the source of your fears might allow you to see that you've embellished its scarier traits in your head, and in reality there's nothing to be afraid of. Celebrate your victories. Don't wait until your fear has been completely overcome to give yourself a pat on the back for your effort. Celebrate each milestone, whether you told a story to a group of people at a party, saw a spider and realized you didn't want to run away, or took a trip to a different city by yourself for the first time. When you see how good it feels to gain an edge on your fear, you'll be ready to face the next one head-on.
• Singapore
26 Apr 13
Just go for it! Even if you are not selected, it is ok just to know what it is like. And you will be surprised, it is not only those who can sing well who participate, there are those who sing very badly and do not even realise it, so don't worry.
@dagami (1162)
• Rome, Italy
25 Apr 13
if all the famous singers that we have today gave in to their fears, then we won't be listening to their wonderful music now. it's normal to be shy and afraid of going through an audition. however, if you don't do this, then you will never become famous. unless you exhibit your talent, people will never get to know about it. the auditioners will not bite you.... just go and do it. who knows, we might see you on MTV one day. good luck.