Promo Airfare

@joizee (502)
April 25, 2013 8:14pm CST
Woohoo! (I) just got lucky, oh yeah! Just got lucky! My family and the OAW club are going to Cebu City only for P2.00 ($0.05 USD) round trip!! That's a lot of money saved! Wahahaha! I am just so happy happy happy! I can't get over it, LOL! There's been a frenzy of promo airfares in the Philippines recently. Almost all airlines introduce promo fares very often. From percentages to totally free airfare. But of course, there's the "hidden charges" which are the tax and surcharges up to more than a thousand peso ($24 USD). Still the best promo I had. I've longed to visit Cebu for a long time and finally it came, I would make it the best vacation ever with all the money I've saved for the promo fare.
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@Raine38 (9195)
• United States
26 Apr 13
Wow, you really are lucky. I remember that when I was still in the Philippines, me and some friends would always look out for promo fares but to our disappointment they are always taken and they always run out even if its just the first hour of the promo. We would even say that probably there are some "inside trading" going on, lol!
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@joizee (502)
• Philippines
26 Apr 13
Hahaha! You're not suspicious, are you? :D I was having a browse and when I saw it was P1, whoah, no more second thoughts, and them boom! booked! Hahaha!