To build

@rubyroy (824)
April 26, 2013 5:02am CST
To build the world and not to destroy, To strengthen and fortify the human existence and not to destroy it, To improve and grow in strength to build and bind the universe with love and not to destroy, To help the world to exist in harmony and not to harm or destroy the universe. So let us share new ideas and knowledge,to build,to help,to care and to share the benefit among all and not to kill,plunder,or destroy the world. Let us all participate in unity for the construction and growth of our universe with love and care and prevent destruction of the the universe with hatred and selfishness.
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• Philippines
26 Apr 13
I know I can contribute a ripple to it if I can teach well my students to build, to take care and live in harmony for the common good. Education is indeed a powerful tool for improvemene. This is the reason I like the song of Michael Jackson, build a better place.
@blackrusty (3530)
• Mexico
26 Apr 13
That is a great dream that you have there it is far to say that it will never happen in this life time or the next but never the less I am with you on that is should be a much kinder world
• India
26 Apr 13
I agree with you a combined effort will work Thanks