What are you listening to right now? New Music Only

April 26, 2013 2:09pm CST
I haven't had a chance to sit down and listen to any new songs. Whats your new favorite song right now?
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• China
27 Apr 13
new songs,can you define new?in my opinion any one you have not listened to is apparently new for you,because music is not news,music is something not needed t notice when it was born,nonsense aside i am listening to wordy rappinghood by tom tom club,which is not new anyway
@spasoo (121)
• Malaysia
27 Apr 13
I can listen new songs or old songs everyday, because i work in front of my computer. lol. Somehow, i like to listen old song recently. For new song I just listen KPOP. Such like PSY's and girls generation and others KPOP song. lol
@blackrusty (3530)
• Mexico
26 Apr 13
I listen to what ever hits the air waves on the online radio as the cable is not in to watch tv yet 3 week wait on that and it is no wonder I have not killed any one just yet
@usarrr (10)
• Austria
26 Apr 13
Hello, I currently like to listen to "Heavatar" and "Gloryhammer", two pretty new Power Metal bands, even though both of them were founded by frontmen of other Metal bands (Heavatar by Stefan Schmidt from Van Canto (a-capella Power Metal!) and Gloryhammer by Chris Bowes from Alestorm(Pirate Metal)). I case you are not into metal, try out Heavatar (some songs are already on youtube), as they base their songs on classical music by Bach, Paganini, Beethoven and other famous guys :D
• France
26 Apr 13
I'm listening to "A Smile and a Ribbon", it's a sweet and a little silly song but I really like it, I find it lovely. Call me childish if you want but songs like this always make me smile:)