Plz I need your help .. Something strange happened ... help me!!! :(

September 5, 2006 9:50am CST
I'm the same as "nocomment2" , 2 hours ago , i entered my account options , and i wanted to change my mail address .. soo i wrote my new one and clicked "submit" , they told me that i need to verify my account from my new mail , I waited for the mail to verify , but they didnt send me anything ... and now , when i try to sign in from nocomment2 , they write to me "login failed" (and when i ask them to mail me my password , i dont recieve anything) ... soo what happened ? I cant start from the beginning and i had lots of disussions and responses and earnings on "nocomment2" ... plz gelp what should i do ? (and i contacted them telling them about the problem , nothing happened) ... ! plz help !!!! :(
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29 Sep 06
Hi nocomments, I wanted to tell you that I have looked into the situation and have taken care of the problem. I would like for you to check your personal email to which I have sent you an email confirming your information. Please email me back if you continue to have problems. Thank you, myLot-Dawn
@XuryaZ (479)
• India
29 Sep 06
you could have misspelled ur email address. if thats the case u can only keep on contacting mylot and wait for their response. nothing else
@labatt113 (401)
• United States
26 Sep 06
Yeah check your bulk mail.
26 Sep 06
Has it been sorted now? The mail could have been going into your junk mail, sometimes my own see's several notifications as going into junk.