Good looks turned out to be a disadvantage

@joizee (502)
April 26, 2013 5:06pm CST
Hi! Have you heard of the latest buzz in Facebook? It is about one of the three men who looked handsome, well he's ridiculously handsome for my eyes, was rejected to enter Saudi Arabia because (I quote) "they are too handsome and the Commission members feared female visitors could fall for them". I can't post the link of the news article yet since I'm not yet allowed but you can check on Facebook for this (uber) handsome guy believed to be one of the Emirati men who were kicked out. He's named Omar Borkan Al Gala, described as photographer, actor and poet. I have respect to cultural differences but sometimes rules or laws or beliefs of people goes way out of hand. It's a bit more discriminating than just being obedient. Oh well, just like Ben Stiller in Zoolander says "There mus be more to life than being really, really ridiculously good-looking." Have a good weekend everyone! :)
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@youless (94721)
• Guangzhou, China
27 Apr 13
I learned this news a few days ago and I found it very ridiculous. Frankly, I don't think those men are very handsome. Perhaps different people have different judgement of beauty At least they are not so attractive for me. There must be some handsome men in Saudi Arabia. I am worried about their fate
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@joizee (502)
• Philippines
28 Apr 13
Hahahaha! So ridiculous people got more interested with it. They're heightening the attention and perhaps these "handsome" men became instant celebrities. Hahaha!
@phoonk (344)
• India
10 Aug 15
Disgusting it is!!