Poem in the Trimeric Form

@xstitcher (12171)
Petaluma, California
April 26, 2013 6:54pm CST
This form of poetry is called Trimeric, a form created by Charles A. Stone. A trimeric poem contains four stanzas. The first stanza is four lines, and the next three stanzas contain three lines each. A kind of easy part of this style of poetry is that the first line of the bottom three stanzas are exactly the same as the bottom three lines of the first stanza. Here is my first Trimeric poem: White flowers In the garden Different, but the same At least, in their color. In the garden There is an Iris Standing tall above the others. Different but the same Alyssum sit close to the ground Tiny flowers in a bunch. At least in their color Iris, Alyssum, daisy and lily Are the same, otherwise, unique! (c) Stacey Uffelman 4/18/12
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