Is Time Travel/Machine Possible to invent in Future ??

April 27, 2013 1:27am CST
May i Know all your Opinions? i researh about time travel and i found you can travel in time by beating the speed of light.. Are you Agree??
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• Pakistan
27 Apr 13
it never be possible in physical science that we beating the speed of light because speed of light is finite and if we exceed so there be infinate that not possible in any way
28 Apr 13
very Thanks buddy for your Opinion i think beating the speed of light is very impossible by using an object to move very fast
@kenshin2143 (1882)
• Philippines
27 Apr 13
I watched this episode in discovery channel wherein they are discussing how to make some time machine. They narrated that a person needs to go into space, look for some blackhole and circle around it without being sucked. The number of circling you will do will determine the year you will be traveling. They also said that they arrived on that theory because a blackhole can somehow affect the basic fabric of time.
• India
27 Apr 13
hahaha, do you watch too much science fiction movies? I wish if time machine could be exist and work... I hope that in the future by knowing how to use our mind power we will be able to change our energy to travel in a second from one country to another country..
@gljcleeve (147)
27 Apr 13
I'm constantly travelling in time, but I've so far only managed to go forwards, and even then only at a set speed of 1 second per second (which even I have to admit isn't really very spectacular.) LOL. But maybe one day it will be possible, as we learn more, all the old established "unbreakable laws of science" are broken. It was once thought that the world was flat, was the centre of the universe and that travelling faster than a horse could run would kill you. So who knows ??