Creative Writing Different Than I Imagined

@bloggeroo (2171)
April 27, 2013 4:53am CST
I thought creative writing is something I'm doing right now--writing that relies on personal opinions and does not require a lot of research like an application essay to a culinary arts school. Well, I finally decided to take a look at its meaning and found out that it is all about writing fiction or maybe, even poetry. I'm not really into writing fiction. I just like the phrase creative writing. Maybe, I like to imagine myself as somebody who is creative. So now, I either have to learn about writing fiction or I have to scratch it off from my list of interests in my online resumes. Hmm. Maybe writing stories is not that difficult. I may be able to learn how to do it. I'm a capable writer. So, how hard could it be to get from here to there?
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@hereandthere (32513)
• Philippines
30 Apr 13
sometimes when i read the blurbs in paperbacks or interviews of authors about their work, they would say that those characters are really alive to them, that this is something that character would say or do, etc. to me creative writing is fiction, something i can't do because i know i'm not creative enough. i do know that creative writers research first. that's why the goal of writing a book never crossed my mind. it's also why i like blogs and writing sites where i can just write from personal experience.
@mmruhi (3)
• Bangladesh
27 Apr 13
You know, creative writing doesn't necessarily mean you have to be an expert fiction writer or poet. Even if you write a memorable incident of your life beautifully, like in a quite autobiographical form, that too is considered as creative. And yea, the term 'creative' sounds really nice, even I consider myself as a creative writer:D I write about anything and everything I like- my first day at college, the time I almost missed an exam, something I came across while surfing the net etc etc. And that doesn't take much effort tbh. So I really think you can ultimately be a creative writer one day:)(who knows, maybe you already are one and just don't realize?)