Salvation Army ( How can they charge that?)

United States
November 22, 2006 9:39pm CST
A lot of you may not know the inner workings of the Salvation Army..Well, my client has a job at one and I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly..Crazy right..It's suppsosed to be a religious business(believe it or not)..100% of everything in the family store is brought in by people like you and I ..From couches,tv's cd's, clothes,cars..etc..(some new and used) Now..I've seen tv's be priced as high as 70 dollars..couches as high as 150, two piece women's outfits as high as 22.95..(Hello this isn't Belk's!)I'm like your supposed to be helping people that can't afford to go to the major stores or they like shopping for a deal and u wanna charge an arm an leg for used stuff that someone has just dropped at your feet(What!) How can they feel good about having 6 wheelchairs in the back that were free and throwing a high price on it..A wheelchair..nobody ask for a wheelchair, unless they Really need it(I mean come on)..But don't let Harley donate over 100 jackets that are brand spanking new..they'll go thru them take what they want and then throw 50-60 on each on left..I've seen it..How about someone donated an Elvis collection that could have only came from someone that knew pics, family pics ..polaroids!( and it didn't even make it to the sales floor!! The major took them to his office to add to his collection..It's some under-handed ish that goes on in there..For real..So how can they charge that?
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