Bone Marrow Failure Patient Needing Life Advice

April 30, 2013 4:54am CST
Have you ever tried earning through submitting contest entries for writing contests? Aside from earning though mylot, what other online jobs and works do you think will make you really earn enough for one's own expenses? I'm a bone marrow failure patient and I've been undergoing monthly blood transfusions for almost 10 years now . I'm turning 25 on November and I'm still under my parents' care since I haven't graduated college yet and can't work because of my illness. Right now, I'm planning on trying to live on my own and needs to find some way to earn money for myself. I can't work since even just applying for a job only ends up making me hospitalized. So all I can do is make an online business and try other things like here in mylot. I also want to try entering writing contests. Trying to live on my own will be pretty tough since I need money for my monthly check ups and medication. So I need advice and help guys.
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