fighting with diabetes

April 30, 2013 4:59am CST
Dear, Everybody knows about disease named diabetes,It is a disease which destroy body of human being like a slow poison.Diabetes is a metabolic disease which occur because body is not producing enough insulin or cells are not responding to produced insulin. All over the world this disease is spreading like a storm, In India the situation is worst because in a study it was found that a large number of diabetic patient are inhabitant of India. Why people all over world effecting by this disease-reason is our changed life style. Technology has made everything easy for us,machines are working automatically without any physical effort. People are eating junk food & spending their time with minimum of physical efforts. Only way to get escape from this deadly disease is putting lot of physical work in your life, may be in form of a job or a routine exercise, eat a healthy food, if any one suffering in your family by diabetes then arrange check up of whole family because diabetes is a genetic disease & spreads generation to generation. If unfortunately you became diabetic then don't loose heart follow doctor's advice & practice a healthy daily routine, all will be fine. My dear friends if you know any fact about this disease or follow some routine/diet to avoid or living with this disease then please share, it may help a lot. Thanks Mahatav
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@lelin1123 (15644)
• Puerto Rico
30 Apr 13
My husband has been dealing with this disesase for the pass five years. It is not easy getting the sugar level normal. However, if you eat small portions of carbs such as rice, potatoes, breads you can keep the number low. I have heard that adding cinnamon to your diet helps to keep your sugar level steady. Also you can't drink fruit juices or soda. They have to much sugar in these drinks. Drink plenty of water. Like you said, if you keep yourself active you can maintain this disease and feel good. If you are going to sit around on the couch eating all day you will end up killing yourself slowly.
• India
30 Apr 13
Dear, Thanks for sharing information about diabetes, In my own family couple of people are suffering from diabetes. It is vary difficult for them to change their eating habit & follow precautions but there is no way they have to follow it. I will try to make them informed about food stuff & precautions you have suggested for diabetic patient. Keep sharing more information about diabetes. Thanks mahatav
• India
14 Jul 13
hi madhav, its really good topic. like to talk on this.
@deazil (4547)
• United States
30 Apr 13
Exercise is imperative. I walk 4-5 times a week. There are many vitamins and natural supplements I take every day. I maintain a normal sugar level. Diet is of the utmost importance. If a diabetic does not stay on a healthful diet nothing else will help. There are medications which I believe are not good in the long run. Here is a very helpful link I also take gymnema sylvestre which is used in Ayuredic medicine. It helps to keep blood sugar level low and has been used for over 1,000 years in Ayurvedic medicine. I wish you luck.
• Romania
30 Apr 13
There are two types of diabetes, or better yet three: there is type 1 (in which your beta cells don't produce enough insulin), type 2 (insulin resistance with obesity and X metabolic syndrome)and MODY (maturity onset diabetes in the young- this one is a monogenic disease of glucose metabolism). Unfortunately there is no way of preventing type 1 and MODY, but you can avoid type 2 with healthy nutrition, exercise, normal body weight. A daily basis of dietary fibers from vegetables (low glycemic index and few carbohydrates), healthy fatty acids from olive oil and fish, regular exercise and avoiding as much as one can stress - these are the key for preventing type 2 diabetes.