talk to girl like jerk experience you face

April 30, 2013 11:40pm CST
hey girl, i just wondering if a guy approach or want to tackle you, how do they talk to you, what question they ask, how is the body language they displayed, what is your first time been tackle and please tell me you experience in detail. coz why I love to hear it and learn in the same time. I hate been geek anymore, I want to step out and approach and talk to the girl. But what question's I should ask the girl?????I feel crazy thinking it whole night. last night I went to open party organised by non political party, and I see lot of girl and some hot chick. I just have not clue what to ask, to say, and as the result I just see the girl from far away that make me real geek and jerk. i am thinking why everyone in my age have get the girlfriend but I still shy, crap, shy, crap, shy. I want to change.............confidence must be built up through join the community event, NGO club, and.............think later so back to question how do I talk to the girl I see the street, mall, night market, or anywhere. any idea or advice mylotter, but don't hit me with the critic here ok. I try to figure out......question's to talk with the girl, so she can enjoy talk with me, maybe getting date, hahahaha
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