A loving God cannot send anybody to hell because it is not in anybody’s best int

April 30, 2013 11:44pm CST
Of course, many will say that God does not send anybody to hell, but that it is our choice. So, let us say that God will only watch silently when we make that choice of going to hell. Free will or no free will, true love cannot sit silently and watch when anybody makes the choice of going to an eternal torture chamber. You will not keep quiet when your child is about to place his hand in the fire or is about to jump from a big height. True, genuine love is always bothered about the other people’s best interest. Genuine love can neither harm you nor can it watch when you are harming yourself. Of course, many will still argue that God has given the free will. Now the question arises: Should God forcibly stop you from going to hell? The answer is Yes. It is not a question of free will at all. Nobody would be able to follow any free will in a place of eternal chamber.Therefore, a loving omnipotent being would have to be willing to even resort to force to prevent anybody from going to hell.
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1 May 13
God has done just about everything he can to keep people from going to the lake of Fire by not only sending the Holy Spirit to work on us but he sent his only Son to die for us. He did give us a choice. That was one thing Satan was accusing God of was that the angels didn't have a choice that they were forced to obey God's laws when they weren't. He would have a real reason for blaming God if God forced man into heaven when many of them don't even want to go. That would be just as bad as forcing us to go to prison.