God cannot tolerate sin? Why? Lack of wisdom?

April 30, 2013 11:51pm CST
First of all, what is sin and what is virtue? If we keenly observe, we can see that in every sinful act, there is always some message from which something can be learnt by somebody or the other and from that lesson, a lot of good may arise. In other words, we can say that sin is the foundation out of which a rich harvest can be reaped. If we observe the virtous acts of the world, then we may be able to see some bad in them. We cannot say that there is any good which does not harm even a single person. Again, the harm that is done may give rise to a rich harvest, to somebody or the other. To make it more clearer, sin or evil and good or virtue are not two totally different things, but they are two face of the same coin. In this physical world, we cannot have one without the other. The wise will not desire for a world without sin. The wise will instead learn to live blissfully even in the midst of the most evil of people. Indeed, the wise will be a light which will shine on the faces of the evil. Therefore, how can we say that God, who is the ultimate of all wisdom, cannot tolerate sin? How can we even imagine that a being who is overflowing with wisdom cannot even understand the truth behind sin and virtue?
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