Have you ever suffered from stage fright?

April 30, 2013 11:58pm CST
When I was a student, I used to face stage fright. Whenever I spoke in front of a group of people, I used to feel nervous and the words just refused to come out. I just could not understand how to deal with stage fright. It was only later that I somehow lost the fright. Now I do not feel any nervousness while talking in front of a group of people. Have you ever suffered from stage fright? How did you deal with it?
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• China
1 May 13
certainly , i have a problem about stage fright . last year , i represented our class to attend a vital debate called "EQ or IQ ,which is more important ?" i was in the side of insisting IQ , however , i made a fatal mistake,just because of tension at that time , that i uesed a wrong word leading to a embarrassing situation that changed my standpoint ,when i was narrating my opinion. finally we lost the competition , after that i felt guilty to my classmates who believed me all the time and blame me nothing ,even though they have been forgave me . but it still like scar remaining in my heart and never leaving away. so i sweared that i would not make a such foolish mistake twice . i hope i could get over this painful fence and find out the meadow belonging me to.
@averygirl72 (16620)
• Philippines
1 May 13
I do when I'm studying. Later when I teach children stage fright can actually be overcome. You need to get comfortable being in front of a lot of people. When you speak you should take away your focus on yourself and look at the people in front of you and focus your attention on them not yourself all the time.