Is money the only reason you write posts on mylot?

May 1, 2013 12:13am CST
Mylot is certainly a superb forum where we can read so many different posts and learn a lot of different things. That we can also earn some money on mylot is another plus point. Do you feel money is the only reason for you to write posts and answer to other’s posts or do you rather write on mylot for the sheer joy of it and the desire to learn from other’s views?
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@dagami (1163)
• Rome, Italy
1 May 13
money was my prime motivation when i joined mylot. as the days passed, i got hooked because i enjoy the banter and it became secondary. i find it exciting to see the cents piling up but i must admit that i can earn more by working odd jobs offline if i want to. however, participating and earning came hand in hand here so i chose to stay here during my hours off. i don't always post comments or start discussions. sometimes, i just read the exchanges of the other mylotters. like you, i found reading through the posts an eye opener to the different perspectives of people from all over the world. i will still be here even after the new site launches but i won't post as often as i do now. i'll just read.
• Philippines
2 May 13
Second this. we all came here for the earnings but (for some of us) we that developed into something new as well. Since the change was drastic, it kinda made some people in shock and possibly, negative feelings. I mean there are times when I just want to visit the site even no idea for discussion comes to mind. That didn't deter me to visit the site or enjoy reading the content.
@sirnose (2440)
• United States
2 May 13
No it wasn't the only reason but it kept me interested in the site. I will come from time to time to see what's going on. I never was a good participate but I did log in to mylot most days. This is why mylot left a sour taste in my mouth when they decided to only pay mylotters who had accumulated $5 into their account. We all should had been paid whatever was in our accounts, because after all we earned that money. For some the money was the only reason to come to mylot.
@Angelpink (4023)
• Philippines
1 May 13
Hi ! Frankly saying , money is not the only reason why i write in Mylot but it is the first and major reason why i joined Mylot. I am not like others who are ashamed to accept that they are here for earnings. Why should i be ashamed ? I did not steal nor i break any law. I got my earnings in my own hard work . The earnings maybe small but for me it is already an additional income that can make me happy. Second only are to share , learn and build friendship. The attachment i made to people here is deep , sacred and unfathomable . That is very true saying that Mylot is a superb site , 200% i agree , that's why when the issue of earnings came , i was very frustrated.