Do We Get To Still Earn?

@MoonGypsy (4613)
United States
May 1, 2013 8:59pm CST
so, i log into mylot and found that it has a new face. i don't like it at all. i also don't like the fact that we can no longer earn on here. is that true? where are all our earnings?
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@cperry (147)
• United States
22 Sep 13
Looks like they are trying to copy off of Twitter now. Can we post links to our websites now? We can do this in Twitter.
• Germany
1 Jun 13
I was absent for quite a while. Coming back myLot now looks like a copy of other pages. Hopefully it changes back in whichever way. See you guys next month, may be.
• Philippines
2 May 13
Well for me I like it, maybe because I get to see something changed here on Mylot, but I am sure a lot will react on the new platform which will get them confuse of course. I know that we have our own taste and Mylot will just have to do some twists and renovations I guess, but the question if we could still earn, I do hope they will add something more because I am starting to feel so weak, weak of earning pennies here, were other sites give more, so whats the difference then? anyway, goodluck with the new Mylot. Have a nice day!
@jenny1015 (13389)
• Philippines
2 May 13
You will be paid if you have earned at least $5 from last month. The payment will be sent on the 15th of May.