Everything seems more interesting than writing a thesis.

@angel107 (311)
May 2, 2013 6:03am CST
Are you writing your thesis now? Or have you written a thesis last month, last week or years ago? If you did, you probably know what I mean. I am now writing my Bachelor's Thesis about Social Work in the Philippines aside from the reason that it is difficult for me to find books about this specific topic and thus cannot write my thesis in a faster pace. I just find everything but my thesis interesting or mpre worthy of my time and attention like cleaning the house or cooking or doing anything else that does not actually have something to do with your thesis. Do you also feel the same or felt the same? Or I am just a lazy person who tries to escape the burden and stress of my thesis? Any psychological point of view? Any past experiences you have to share or do you want to give me an affirmation that I am not alone? Anyhow, that is something I would like to read.
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