I don't hate the changes

United States
May 2, 2013 4:57pm CST
It's a lot to take in but I've been more active and more interested today than when I was brand new to mylot 6 years ago in my first life here. I respect everyone's feelings and everyone's right to express their hatred of the changes. Maybe we will never know why they changed mylot to the Facebook/Twitter wannabe, but done is one...for now. Who knows, if everyone leaves they might decide to pay again? The blue is my favorite shade. It's periwinkle, isn't it? At least this is what I THINK periwinkle is. Maybe it's sky blue. Anyway the color AND the conversations have kept me engaged in mylot much longer than I intended. Someone accused me of being snarky because I stated the obvious. That wasn't my intention. I am a friend to many of you. I'm NOT just a follower. I am your friend, if you know me t all. I'm sorry that I don't share your hate of the site. It has been much more interesting for me today and last night than it has in years. I spend 30 minutes or more commenting to comments. I love that. Sorry if this makes you mad, but I just can't get mad at Mylot for getting a facelift. She was getting old and wrinkly. Every barn needs a coat of paint sometimes. Maybe mylot is no different. Anyway, sorry that people are testy to my comments. I'm just saying what I feel just like you are. Truly, most everyone resists change, but change has to happen if the mylot gods say it does. We don't have ant power at all over that. I'm still your friend if we have been friends before. I love many of you like family. That won't change.
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• Shanghai, China
3 May 13
Proactive approach to prepare for the changes, I like it.
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• United States
3 May 13
Everyone has their thoughts and feelings, but if we truly hate something do we keep staying and saying so while we help them line their pockets with money? If I truly hate a site I don't stay there. I signed up for Bubblews bad hated it, so I didn't stay. Lets face it, whether we love the changes or hate them, we are drawn here like moths to a flame. There is an attraction that is only mylot. I've never spent so much time on a website like I do here.