android or iPhone

Chicago, Illinois
May 4, 2013 8:41am CST
Im getting a new phone soon and i cant decide on android or iPhone. I just cant make a decision. Somebody please help me with this and comment their opinion. If you could, also post what you think is better about the one you chose. Thanks!
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• Philippines
4 May 13
i think it all depends on how you use your phone. i own an android phone, while my sister has iphone. i like her phone better. aside from the physical attributes, i like the apps that iphone has. and also, iphone recharges very fast, compared to android. as for me, i recharge the battery of my android very often because i play games with it. i use instagram a lot and it works on both phones, but i can not use instaweather and instaplace on my android phone which works on the iphone. if you are into music, it works better with iphones. games are also better on iphones. i also suggest you to research the apps that you want to have or you usually use if it works on which phone. that way, you would not end up regretting the decision of buying the wrong phone.
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• Chicago, Illinois
4 May 13
Thank you alot, this might just help me make my decision, im kind of leaning towards and iPhone. Thanks!
@kixsh101 (743)
• Philippines
5 May 13
Android had lots of free applications. I have an android phone and it serve me well. I wanna have an iphone because I wanna experience it, but I have read in the forums that it is overrated.
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• Manila, Philippines
7 Jun 13
the only thing bad about iphone is that it is not customizeable.. compre to android that is eye candy
• Yichun, China
3 Aug 13
android is eye candy but it is for a poor people .it is a best choose for him.ISO have better performance than android,but it shuold cost your salaxy
27 Nov 13
27 Nov 13
only iphone...
• China
23 May 13
With the same amount of money you can probably buy an Android phone with better user experience.