I will not sale my vote

@nicanorr (1789)
May 4, 2013 8:49am CST
In a few days from now is election day in my country. It's a sacred day for us to choose and vote for honest and capable men and women to run our government. Some candidates as before will try to buy votes for them to win. Such candidates if they won will not exert much effort for the good of the people but for their selfish interest. At any opportunity, they'll try to recoup the money they've spent during election.. They're corrupt politicians; they're blinded by greed for power and money. They can't buy my vote because it's for those whom I think will do what is good for the general welfare more than to his vested interest. I adhere to the saying vote not for your friend but for the public friend. It's not surprising to see corrupt officials in government nowadays. It's because of poverty. They're able to buy most votes from the electorates who are hungry, poor and ignorant. Do you believe that it's God's will for a family to rule over a province?
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