42 - Jackie Robinson (Movie)

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May 5, 2013 11:27pm CST
Baseball fans this is definitely one for the memorabilia. It is 1946, Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) an African-American who was playing with the Montreal Royals when in a rather odd setting was being approached by a scout for the Dodgers approaches him and sends him to Brooklyn with a $600/month contract and $3,500 signing bonus contract. It is not only a propelling move for him but the beginning of a legacy about being the first African-American to play in American Major League Baseball. Signing him wasn't easy considering the times where the issue of color was strong but not for his team executive Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) who believed in the game and more in Jackie's raw potential. Thanks to his needed advice about anger management, Jackie came off above himself as he dealt with discrimination after discrimination on/off the field, opponents and even some of his crowd following teammates. But all that just fell like as Jackie like in his game against the Philadelphia Phillies, where despite the taunts from their manager Ben Chapman, Robinson stepped back from breaking into a fight then returns to the field and hits a single, steals second and third base, and scores the winning run. Assuring his supporters what their support meant to him and in turn won not only the game but the hearts of America and the discrimination on color. A good lesson about taking things from another perspective where winning hearts isn't about beating people up when it would just beat ourselves up. Sometimes it is about starting with ourselves doing something what really matters when support is difficult to come by or little. Take our chances as it comes and slowly the pile of whatever you are doing will level. A wholesome movie which I would highly recommend especially when it is a rating of 8.5 out of 10 by me.
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