what should i do know?

May 7, 2013 3:39am CST
from the start i told you, im not gonna fall... Your not my type though ur attractive in some ways.... Im so comfortable with you know that.... you know my secrets, up and downs and craziness i have.... i know you much but now im into a roller coaster ride, and i need to stop myself because its not healthy acting weird when it comes to you... I cant read your mind, and i hate assuming, though sometimes your confusing me... OR iam just hoping... I Dont wanna lose you, your special, your the only one who made me feel safe and happy, though your so mean sometimes... i hate it you caused me sleepless night, so funny cause im into deep thinking latelty... well, maybe i have to fix my emotions and move a lil bit forward,,, HELP ME OUT, just stop being sweet and kind... i wanna avoid you , but as much as i can, still i found myself enjoying the day with you... THANK YOU for making me feel your different , and i appreciate it, though it appears weird to others... now im i this confusing thang, should i isolate myself from you or just let the moment pass with you? what should i do?
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