Notifiers - Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em

@dawnald (84146)
Shingle Springs, California
May 9, 2013 12:37am CST
I have had a love/hate relationship with myLot notifiers for years. For quite some time, I didn't have them turned on at all. I just cruised the "responded", "friends started" etc. tabs to see what I wanted to reply to. Then I decided to try it with them on. And I turned them on one by one, going through my friend's list over a period of days. My inbox got flooded. Eventually, I got smart and set up a rule so that they would go into their own folder. And my folder got flooded. I would try to respond to as many as possible, and read them all before I decided, but I didn't always have time. Sometimes I would just delete them. And then there were certain people, my good friend Holly for one, whose discussions never gave me notifiers. And there were a few people who wrote so many discussions that I turned their notifiers off. At one point myLot did some work and fixed some of the problems. I started getting notifiers for Holly's discussions, for example. But they were still on and off. And for some weird reason, I rarely got notifiers between 11 AM and 1 PM. And yes, there were discussions posted during those hours. Point is, I looked forward to notifiers, because they notified me that my friends had posted discussions. And I dreaded them, because there were so many. Now, with the change here, I get one every couple of hours or so, "so and so liked your comment", "so and so sent you a message", "so and so liked your discussion". You know, I like the "list notifier" better than all the individual notifiers. But I miss being able to read what was posted without actually having to come to the site. Taking the good with the bad, and seeing how things develop here.
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