Will you fasten your seat belt conscienciously when you drive?

May 9, 2013 8:13am CST
Yesterday I took a bus and saw the driver put the seat belt across his body, but he didn't fasten it or latch it to the seat. So technically it is no use, and the driver just did it to appear that he fastened the belt so that he could avoid being punished by the police. Actually there are many drivers that do not fasten their seat belts conscienciously just in case. And many others are just like the bus driver I met yesterday, pretending to wear it, and care nothing about their safety, as if there would be no danger in their driving. This is perfunctoty, It is actually very very dangerous, yet you just need an easy step to keep yourself safe. Why is there so little safety awareness around us? And will you fasten your seat belt when you take a ride or drive by yourselves? PLEASE don't play with your life. TAKE CARE, because there is danger everywhere, every minute.
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