Where is the Justice?

justice - justice
November 22, 2006 10:05pm CST
Last August my bestfriends father was been murdered infront of his 4 children, he has 8 gun shot's in his body and i shot in his head, his brain was scattered...the only witness is his 4 children, aged 20,16,13 and age 4 years old, all of them is still in traumatic condition..but sad to say until now, the culprit is still free roaming around the town... the case has been neglected by the police authorities...this really a sad accident...i'm so dissapointed on the justice system in our place.... should this case be forgotten?...we dont any idea what had happened to the case..tell me guys, is really justice can be bought by the rich people?...my bestfriend father is just a farmer....
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