need a buyer

May 11, 2013 11:01pm CST
i got finest dark black shining coral tree , 2 feet on height , Black corals (Antipatharia) are a group of deep water, tree-like corals related to sea anemones. They are also found in rare dark shallow water areas such as New Zealand's Milford Sound where they can be viewed from an underwater observatory.they grows micro milimeters in a year , thats why it cost millions , if any one interested contact me direct , , mobile :- +009607655535 In March 2009, scientists released the results of their research on deep-sea (depths of ~300 to 3,000 m) corals throughout the world. They discovered specimens of Leiopathes to be among the oldest continuously living organisms on the planet: around 4,265 years old. They show that the "radial growth rates are as low as 4 to 35 micrometers per year and that individual colony longevities are on the order of thousands of years
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