How to effectively use a TABLET as an entrepreneur

Hand drawing with a GlydeWrie
Long Beach, California
May 12, 2013 7:09pm CST
As an entrepreneur a tablet can be a tremendous tool for gathering information. Let's assume you are attending a conference. You can go with the mindset of collecting business cards and catalogues or use the tools that Jobs gave you. Here are great tips for using your tablet at a trade show and being more productive. • Make a "check list" of all items needed for the show • Drop a pin where you parked your car • Make a slide show presentation of your product • Practice your pitch upside down • Make a video presentation • Take notes with a stylus • Clean Smudges off your screen • Sketch ideas • Use your tablet as a food tray (just checking to see if you are paying attention) • Download pictures of specific people you want to connect with • Take pictures of people after you meet • Shoot video of demonstrations • Bring over-the-ear headphones for presentation • Make a QR Code of your website These are just a few tips. Tablets are great if you use it to your advantage.
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