Why isn't this user banned?

May 13, 2013 3:22am CST
A Bubblews member who posted 10 articles that are only one or two sentences long. I'm not sure if that person is still active or not but the fact that I posted 32 long articles (I have 128 likes) and she has 321 likes (combine amount) from the 10 article she wrote. Although I don't have any dislikes, she has like 126 dislikes. I hope that she isn't paid by Bubblews.
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@Bluedoll (17052)
• Canada
13 May 13
I thought there was a min of 400 characters..they must be long sentences. I don't think they stop people from breaking rules but if they do, don't get paid yeah. Very unusual not many I think have so many dislikes. It does seem unfair, so many play a game and others work so hard!!!!!! :-(
• Liechtenstein
13 May 13
There is a rule about the number of characters allowed in Bubblews. It's not unusual that this person get many dislikes. It's due to the fact that her post is too short. Only one, two or three sentence long.
• Philippines
14 May 13
then maybe it's time the rules there are expanded and made clearer that those who post less than 400 characters will never be paid. if a site welcomes international members, they have to realize that english proficiency levels are not the same. for instance, mylot's new guidelines are much easier to understand now. or, fix their system so that anything less than 400 characters automatically cannot be posted (if that's possible since i'm a computer idiot).
@carben44 (322)
15 May 13
Unfortunately, it's very easy to abuse the Bubblews system, but I think when you try to cash out, they will more than likely review your activity