Crushes Suck!

Amboy, Illinois
May 13, 2013 9:30pm CST
Right now i am really hating having a crush on a girl. Because you all you ever think about is how much you care about her/him. I mean that whenever you see them you say to your self that you are going to tell them how you feel but then you stop yourself because all thees thoughts go through your head, Like what if they say no then how is our relationship going to be after all of this. Like when she broke her leg I was carrying her books to most her classes. I am just going to say this, crushes suck!!
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• United States
14 May 13
crushes/early loves suck......i totally remember those days. All i can tell you (from past experience) is to be yourself and be a gentleman. If your feelings go as deep as you have stated for this girl, well, as much as the fear of rejection hurts.....just tell her! Me, being a gal myself, has felt the same way at times. Huge crush on the guy who is always around, always helping out, but to timid to tell him how you feel because he would totally laugh it off.........just going to let you know 3 things ... 1) a chance not taken is a reward NEVER achieved....and 2) the greatest accomplishments have been born of the biggest downfalls......either way it is a win win situation....and number 3) girls DIG confidence......(gotta remember we have as much self doubt in ourselves as you do)
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