Child Prodigy Who Turned Into A Dumb Pianist

May 17, 2013 4:48am CST
I am involved in a Christian community church wherein every Sunday we always do worshiping God through song of praises and hymns. I was only 14 during that time when my pastor acknowledged me to be the church pianist. Well, basically i was not a good musician that moment. I just know pressing keys without any ideas about rules and scales and in fact I didn't even know how the triad of Bb is being played. Saturday night and we practiced the line up songs for worship. It took us 2 hours to review and rehearse the songs because of me with my sweat glands exploding out because of nervous. I wanted to back out but I could do nothing about it but to stay because it's a commitment. So I continued even though I didn't know to where my play would go. So the Sunday service arrived and the program began. The drum started to count, and it's already my turn to press the keys of the melody so that the congregation would start singing. The atmosphere is already set for worship with people closed eyes and raising their hands to feel God's presence. With my finger shivering and sweating, I started playing the intro. Quite smooth and nice however, when the song leader sang the first line, I accidentally hit the wrong key. Alas! The error was so obvious that the people started to open their eyes and look at me with confusion. Ouch! I was even shocked until I panic and keep on pounding the piano with wrong keys. The agony prolonged because I have to play the keys all the time since I have to do the sustain the music all over of the song. Well, the show must go on. They continue singing the lyrics with crossed eyebrows on their faces while me still pounding the wrong keys and playing the piano of tune.
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• United States
18 May 13
That is too bad your first service went like that. But those people should not judge you too harshly...they should lift you up and encourage you to keep practicing and trying. Best of luck to you in future performances!
• Philippines
19 May 13
thanks fruitcakeliz. so far that moment, they did not judge me. It's just that I was so ashamed that I could no longer show my face in front of them. LOL. However, after 7 years, I have been doing great by God's grace and I am now to play the songs that is lined up for the service. Thanks.
@andiva (2)
• Nairobi, Kenya
17 May 13
The bible says, those who are dedicated to GOD's work will be finally be rewarded. Since your doing a noble job, it worth and do not regret. Some roles done in the church like yours are very demanding, although we can not deny they add a lot of value to worship. i can imagine the worships and singing in the 21st century without piano or rather pianist for that matter.
• Philippines
19 May 13
Thanks GEOFFREY, but i guess you just misunderstood my story or it's just me who wrote it so badly. My apology for that. That was just the moment that the church was raising up a worker like me to do the ministry. In fact, they pardoned me on being like that and as of now after 7 years, I have been doing great through God's grace. You know, It's just my unforgettable moment and I actually laughed about it.
• London, England
9 Apr 14
You should keep practicing & try to learn more as much as you can. The practice would make you perfect.