Short story #2

Roseville, California
May 20, 2013 7:42pm CST
My Personal Heaven When I'm with her I feel like me again, not the old me that lied, hurt and deceived her but like it's a new beginning almost like I'm the same person with a totally different mentality. I've told her I changed and I know she doesn't believe me, but I honestly don't blame her, I've lied to her to the point that she will probably never trust a word that I say, it hurts me to know that at one point in time she wasn't what I wanted for myself even though deep down I knew she was all I ever wanted. Our relationship was rocky and definetly had its ups and downs and I can see that without each other we have both accomplished alot by ourselves and it may always be like this. She will go her way in life and I wil go mine but all I know is at this moment I'm with her..not in a relationship but just being in her presence makes me feel so comfortable, I look at her dancing and singing and just all around happy, I haven't seen her smile in months and when I look at that smile it just takes me back to a place I know I belong in, kind of like my own personal heaven, she may actually be truly happy by herself I mean it looks that way from what I see but if it's just a front then she is a damn good actress, but besides all that, the way I feel when I'm with her is indescribable, it's like trying to describe what water tastes like. Or trying to count all the stars in the sky. It's impossible to describe my feelings that I have for her and how I feel when I'm next to her, I just love being with her.
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