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Hastings, New Zealand
May 22, 2013 6:37pm CST
With thousands and thousands of online business, wishing people their debt free opportunity, then to find out they have scammed you for just your cash to get rich, isn't that pleasant really. What I am about to tell you is something i have been doing for over 3 months, and it includes Marketing, Advertising and also Commission based Sales. I have had experience in the Commission based Sales before in my life and it is simple to understand how it works, "No Sales, No Commission, No Paycheck, Simple." Well how would you like to start earning money from the get go and watch your balance grow each month? My first month i set myself a goal, and that was to no spend a single dollar on this business without trying it out, so that was achieved quickly and i made $0.94 for just doing some routine clicks, reading and learning how marketing worked. My second month came by and i decided to have a budget to spend, a budget of only $3.00, and i spent it, leaving me with some change. After spending $2.64 on a car decor for advertising, I've been receiving monthly rewards that helped out my business to go further. In the end my commission was $2.15 that i had collected just by collecting points everyday. so now my Total became $3.09. So now in my third month i became a Team Leader, that came with rewards in achieving it, i had a team built from ground zero, by putting effort into it by Marketing and Advertising it's been a very good outcome. I also have my very own store online, selling great short stories, crafting guides, and also business guides to this online business i joined up to. Okay so that was my story cut short for the last 3 months i have been with this business and yet you have no idea what it is called. Well that's because your thinking I'm hiding something or the opposite, your at the edge of your seat wanting to read more into this business and want to get started, but wait let me just tell you more about it before you jump straight in. With this business, i have been saying "putting effort and determination into it" and this is true, i have seen many of my new signed up members sign up, give it a go for about 5 minutes and give up because they think its not for them, or its boring, a scam, a get rich quick scheme, yet they don't realize they have sign up to receive everything they need to become successful. When you sign up, there is a 30 Days Tutorial that every one must have a read of and put every day into action. Each day that you read will give you a quiz at the end, just to see if you actually learnt anything. This 30 Days Tutorial does not have to be done each day, it can be done within 2 to 3 days if you wanted it to be, but don't go full on with the reading or the information will go through one ear and out the other. So now i might actually have some attention i believe, and i would like to say at the end of this i will be announcing what company i am with, but let me give you a quick idea of how this business works. First of all, there is a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Actions you need to complete to earn yourself points, also known as VersaPoints, and these points don't determine how much you get paid each month, it determines your Status Rank each month and there is a minimum of 1,500 VersaPoints you need to collect each month to stay in and receive your shares from what is called an Executive Pool. This is where you earn your extra cash on the side for staying active, and i will get onto that a little longer, but going back to the Status Rank, the better your Status Rank is, the better pay you get and your team will be growing hugely, which you can either be patient each month to recieve or you can earn them by Advertising and Marketing them to others. Anyways this business gives you everything you need to know about how to Market and Advertise your business from the bottom up, and one day you will be successful. So now i think i shall give you the link so you may go give it a whirl and see what you think of it. Remember, with a little bit of effort, determination and a small investment can lead you to making your dream goals come true. www.sfi1.biz/12437314
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