, Texas
May 23, 2013 4:33am CST
hard to type i'm swaying. yesterday I was awakened by dizziness. it didn't last long. I could drive. yesterday afternoon I was hit by dizzy a short hard one where the marble table holding my television came up to hit me..it was quick. today at 3 in the morning dizzy woke me up I have no other symptoms I fell out of bed could barely get up, no headache no stomach ache nothing, may have blacked out just a second fell into the table really hurt my leg still painful (leg) i'm still dizzy but now my stomach is acting up (typing making it worse) probably because i'm worried enough to read this stuff. can't drive so can't get to hospital seriously will not call ambulance would feel stupid but it's over an hour and a half and i'm DIZZY not spinning but dizzy and dang I just spun...anyone?
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