Who can win in a ten-ball one-on-one game? KB24 or LBJ6?

genius of this age!
Suzhou, China
May 24, 2013 4:05am CST
An extreme disputed topic.Though i 'm a hugh fan of Kobe, i still think LeBron have a better chance of winning the game since comparing with Kobe, he is taller ,faster, stronger and most importantly,younger.That means Kobe may easily get tired when playing against LeBron.By contrast, the advantage of age offers LeBron the constant stamina and energy to keep putting pressure on old Kobe.What do you think? ps Obviously,you guys can see that english is not my mother language.But i hope to learn this language well in order to prepare for the journey to states to watch my idol Kobe.Please tell me the mistakes which i made in this post so i could make progress,thx friends!
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@songst557 (232)
• China
24 May 13
Can't compare them now,especially in one-on-one game,cause just like you said,they're in different age,just like can't compare Jordan and Kobe. I guess both of them can make shot,but Lebron will be easier,because his strong body,he's like a tank,and Kobe is the best key time player after jordan,but this quality can only be showed in formal game. Lebron need to lead team to win more champion,as long as his champion number less than Kobe,the dispute always exist,just like no one can say now Kobe exceed Jordan,Kobe knows it well,that's why he so desprately want to take one more champion this year,if that happened,he has the real capital to compare with Jordan. At last ,nice to meet you here,I'm learning English too,though I'm not young any more.LOL.
• Suzhou, China
28 May 13
nice to meet u too bro.thanks for ur reply.it seems u r an objective basketball fan.i totally agree with your oponion.just like u said,we can't compare who is better since these guys belong to different ages. it's really my honour to witness such two great players playing against each other on the court.kb and lbj have completely different characteristics.we r supposed to cherish their games rather than comparing them all the time.LOL.btw,how old r u ?it's never too late to learn sth.Better late than never,right?
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28 May 13
I'm 13 years older than you,a decade huge gap between us,you are in golden age of learning,As your age,I spent almost all time in playing basketball and playing game,now,regret is already late. ^_^ I like English,and I learn it start from reading,when YaoMing just enter the NBA,when a Rocket's match ended,A comments usually let out from Rocket's official website,I read it after every match.