Loadshedding in Pakistan

People of Lahore in Canal
Lahore, Pakistan
May 27, 2013 1:12am CST
People are suffering from Complete power load shedding , firstly it was at very rate in Punjab and Lahore side but gradually it became the part of routine of Karachi too. Loadshedding has made the life of common people as worst as hell . People who were previously handling with poverty , now have to carry this burden of load shedding too . A person whose income is just 2 to 3 thousand rupees can't effort Ups or generator and therefore have to live without the basic necessities of life .There is a structural problem in electricity generation since Pakistan cannot afford electricity generated through oil. The line losses and theft alone amount to 50%, which is worse than any country.Unless, Kalabagh Dam is built coupled with at least 5,000 MW of nuclear power plants to provide cheap electricity, Pakistan will not be able to afford electricity no matter how many "crash programs" PML-N comes up with. These will be programs to put "cash" in their pockets and nothing else. One solution can be if a non government company tries to produce electricity in Pakistan but here again there is a problem that investors from all over the world show lack of interest in investing Pakistan because of it's current situation . If the politics within the provinces is finished then Pakistan may become self sufficient in making enough electricity . hope for a better future of Pakistan
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