United States
May 27, 2013 6:05am CST
so I found out mylot is no longer paying. I found the site Bubblews that people here have been talking about. Although I have only been on it two days, I am liking it better than Mylot. You get paid to post, comment, and the views. You will rack up on money faster on Bubblews than you would have on mylot. I don't even know if we can post links on this new setup, so if you are interested, click on the link below. If you want to get paid for posting in forums as well Here is another link The name of the site is called Morachat. You get paid for posting threads, as well as commenting. They also have extra jobs you can do to get paid. check it out. http://morachat.com/chat_forum/index.php?referrerid=5731
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