Happy Tuesday Beautiful People !!

@TazRes (827)
United States
May 28, 2013 11:45am CST
Happy Tuesday Beautifuls !! "Which Cover Up Are You Wearing" ?? I have learned by taking off my masks it means admitting that DAILY I have to walk this thing out !!! Nope, I don't get it right all the times & SOMETIMES it takes not so good situations for God to pull my coat tail , get my attention & put me back on track. Listen, You can't help ohters unless you are "REAL" with self . Admitting that there are areas in your life that you need God's help is a great thing &&&& this is where the mask comes off so the healing process can begin !! STOP, allowing "church folk" to make you feel guilty/condemned for NOT BEING PERFECT !! Half the times they got even MORE issues to deal with than you... besides they need help themselves. There is BEAUTY underneath that "mask" so take it off & allow God to heal those scars. And PLEASE Stop expecting others to give you what they DON'T know how to give. Have A Great Day All ~~~~Blessings! _Taz
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@dawnald (84137)
• Shingle Springs, California
28 May 13
ha, at first I thought you were talking about make up. lol My cover up is sort of a tough, unapproachable, know-it-all sort of thing. It comes off for people I trust though.
• United States
29 May 13
mine is a "keep it light and funny, don't let people get too close so they can't hurt you in the long run" type.....but as you said @dawnald once people work their way into my inner circle......they get to see all of me....(as ugly and emotional as it can be sometimes LOL)
@hereandthere (26759)
• Philippines
29 May 13
And PLEASE Stop expecting others to give you what they DON'T know how to give. i guess that goes both ways. not everyone will understand/accept/follow your intention, your point of view, your decisions, your method of doing things, your vision.