Woman killed while playing mobile phone wedged lift

Semarang, Indonesia
June 2, 2013 1:03am CST
A female nurse in Luohu district, Shenzhen City, south China, stuck in the elevator when he was playing cell phone. Woman named Wang, 24, was dragged up to three floors. So much fun playing cell phone he did not know it was broken elevator door. The incident took place in the building Changhong Tower at Woodcrest Hill Road last week, as reported by the site asiaone.com, Monday (27/5). Video footage that spread on the Internet shows Wang was playing cell phone when the fateful incident occurred. Witnesses said the elevator had passed 22-storey building with a carrying four people. When stopped in between floors two and three lifts broke down. Wang apparently did not pay attention to the state of the elevator. She is busy playing a cell phone while walking about to exit the elevator until he finally caught when the elevator doors closed. The elevator then moves down to the first floor again after 20 seconds. Wang reportedly died from a severed head.
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• Wenzhou, China
4 Jun 13
very horrible news. I think i'd better change the habit of texting while walking.