Pasig, Philippines
June 12, 2013 7:57pm CST
last June 10,2013 I was asked by my sister to check the interest her peso time deposit generated at BDO SM frvw branch in front of Goldilocks..I know they're not allowed to divulge any information if you're not the account holder but I was told the previous week that my sister shld call them up since she's abroad. I went there last Monday and told them that my sister is on the phone..Ms MALOU,an officer at this branch told me the amount so my sister knows the exact figures..tho Ms MALOU had verified that my sister really has an account with them,she refused to talk to my sister on the sister told me to ask Ms MALOU if there's anyway she could withdraw money from her account by giving me an SPA..Ms MALOU said no then she pointed fingers at me accusing me that I want to withdraw money from my sister's account because I want to lend money from my sister..I was shocked by these accusations and told Ms MALOU that my sister has a son who's in college now and needs the money for his education..I was almost in tears because I felt belittled by the person who doesn't even know who I am and falsely accused me. Ms MALOU looked at my name plate and I told her that I am married also to a Japanese..that was the only time she lowered her voice and walked away..I am now asking my sister to withdraw her investment on that bank because these officers are very rude and discriminating.
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