Hard to live in this world, but I still do

@badmom (25)
June 13, 2013 12:56am CST
sell things to earn some money to live in the world, but 1) I won't sell brand stuff without their authorization to make profit, so don't ask me for cheap brand things even I know there are many people doing it. 2) I won't sell cheap things with poor quality, as I hate people produce out things which is not usable but still waste the resource of the world to making it. 3) I won't sell animal related products like leather / fir bags or shoes or coat, even I have the resource. 4) I won't sell toys or game players to ruin human beings' future. 5) I won't sell sexy clothes, or any related stuffs which makes people easy to guilty. 6) .... Then what else I can sell in the world, as people live on it only crush on those things??? I don't know, but I insist!
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• Chuxiong, China
14 Jun 13
sell fruit and veg.those thing from natural,no gulity,no waste,the resources are so rich.
@badmom (25)
• China
17 Jun 13
yeah, these are good options, but I am just not investing money for a real shop but would do online store, and I have found one kind of products. Thanks!
@narsha (466)
13 Jun 13
A person of principle is a person of substance! That's it!