A Straight Line And Circle

Nanjing, China
June 13, 2013 8:10am CST
I'm a straight line facing both of the side to stretch,no end. You are a flawless circle who have mellow and lithe contour,you stretch yourself any time. One day,I bump into your body finally,no augury,I'm unprepared,I don't know if I will become a ray from now. You stare me in amazement,I know that I will stay here for a long time,maybe it's going to the end of the time. But just one second over,you move away,let me go.Don't know what kind feeling,I just lost my way,there is a vinegary flavour pouring through my body,not the teardrop. Well,what I wistful,there is nothing,you and me just have a point,never reclose,whatever in plane or in space. There are many birds of passage in man's life,it's no need to take notice one by one.Don't let the impulse of the emotion stumble you,go ahead,nothing can contort footsteps,nothing can change everything. Just believe yourself.
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