Manila, Philippines
June 13, 2013 8:15am CST
If given the chance to prove the LOVE that you have for the person that you treasure most, especially if it is the last time you'll going to see him/her, What would you do and how far can you go for the sake of your loved one.?
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• United States
14 Jun 13
Well....i don't even want to think about being put in the position of having one final thing to do for m'love......but i know pretty much for a fact that it would insult him more if i went above and beyond and tried to do anything extravagant.....if i did anything more than just spend time with him he would be upset and call me out on it.......so i guess i would take off work, put aside all other obligations and just spend all the time by his side that i could, talking, enjoying each others company, and trying to make him laugh......
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• Beijing, China
14 Jun 13
I'll spend all the time by his side that I could ,enjoying each others happiness
@arrianne (29)
• Philippines
14 Jun 13
I'll do everything that would make all the memories of us so wonderful and enjoyable. I'll tell him how I love him.