Did you ever listened to emperor mong?

June 18, 2013 4:15am CST
What were those times when emperor mong tells you something and you gladly do as he wished? It was my first time to buy a tent and according to his highness I must make camp at our backyard. Then it was afternoon and started to rain. A little while later, the water started dripping around the tent's corners and flooding the inside. I wish to never believed him. What about you?
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@xfahctor (14130)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
18 Jun 13
LMAO!! I had no clue who the heck emperor mong even was, I had to look it up, lol. Yeh, I am a frequent victim of this guy myself. He usually shows up with Murphy following right behind him, law book in hand, ready to beat me over the head with it.
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